Friday, October 25, 2019

5 best pro advanced online web tools for free use

Today I will describe 5 best pro advanced online tools for free use and discuss details of what they do. Which will help you to make your work easier and more quickly. Although there are thousands of tools online, we do not know about them or find them. I tried to present some websites to you in this post. I Hope you can learn more about these tools easily from this posts. Let's know some of the tools you need.

PrintFriendly is a website that allows you to transform any website's or Webpage very easily in print or pdf and can save it. It is a complete free and dependent tool. Many times we need to save or print any writing or posts from the website. But we can not easily do it. Print Friendly to solve such problems. Copy the link that page or post you want to print or save and paste it in print Friendly. It's automatically generate your link and show as a PDF of you. Print Friendly automatically removes ads, web junk so you can get clean PDF file. Printfriendly have an extension for browser that use directly an any webpage. Don't need to copy or paste.

Word counter is an another tools that count your words, characters, keywords, spaces and else. It's automatically count paragraph and show result for you instantly. It's easy to use and completely free for everyone. Just open word counter website in your browser and go there home page than copy your content, document or article and paste on word counter. Now you can see how many word, lines, spaces, characters, paragraphs, keywords in your document. Here is an another  option which help you to see the keyword density. I Hope you can easily find out how many word in your article.

PDF candy is a complete pdf solution. If you want to edit, convert, merge, rearrange, split, crop, protect, unlock, compress, rotate, your PDF this tools for you. PDF candy software available for windows. PDF candy has free and pro version also. There are lot of tools here for personal and commercial use. 

Word to HTML is a web tools that convert your word document to HTML instants. Sometimes we need HTML formats for web develop, web design, article writing and else. But we can't know HTML tag properly. In this situation word to HTML help us. It’s can make header, table, colors, and all of thinks that you need. It’s an another free tools for you. Just copy your hole word file and paste on word to html converter. 
Word to HTML automatically generate your word. You can see result instance so save or edit your HTML here. If you are beginner for web design this site most helpful for you.

The dictation means writing the sound. If you do not want to write the text in this case Dictation help you. You'll just say, Dictation will automatically write to you. You need first select your language then click the microphone   icon and speak. Dictation support more than 100 language. It's uses google speech recognition engine so that Dictation can transcribe more smoothly.

I hope you may enjoy these post. If you need any help please comment below and Share this post. 



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